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vReach will truly enable you to harness the power of webcasting, with a range of solutions.
Event Webcasting  
Creating Webinars  
Web Library  
Virtual Exhibitions  
Event Webcasting
Whenever you host an event - conference, training session, product launch, customer meet that you want to webcast live or on-demand, we will provide you a total end-to-end solution.
  • Pre-event consultation to ensure you have all the technical components in place for an outstanding online experience
  • On-site webcasting services for live or on-demand viewing
  • Post-event viewing reports and content management
  • Registration capabilities to allow access to registered users only
  • Monetization, through a secured payment gateway
  • Search indexing facility of slide content and speaker
  • Conversion of presentations in to CD or DVD format
Creating Webinars
Webinars are exclusive seminars created only for webcast - used for lead generation, customer contact programs, partner training etc. The vReach team gives you a complete webinar package.
  • Conceptualization and subsequent recording of the webinar
  • E-marketing the webinar
  • Post-event viewing reports and content management
  • Registration and monetization
Managing a Web Library
  • Maintenance of a library of events on web
  • Search feature
  • Viewing report
Creating Virtual Exhibitions
Virtual exhibitions are exhibition-like experiences created on the web. The exhibition might be an extension of a physical exhibition, or a web exhibition itself. This not only extends the life of the actual exhibition, but also makes the exhibitions globally accessible. We give you a total Virtual Exhibition package.
  • Conceptualizing the Virtual Exhibition
  • Co-ordinating with Organisers and exhibitors to gather information
  • Coverage & interviews of participants and their product demos etc
  • E-marketing the Virtual Exhibition
  • Post-event viewing reports
  • Ongoing content management, including updating content
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