Sales & Marketing
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Solutions for Sales and Marketing Division
vReach application areas:
  • Sales Training
  • Reseller/Partner Training
  • Webinars for lead generation and customer retention
  • Sales Presentations
  • Sales Call follow-up
  • Product launches
  • Online Product Reviews
  • Product/Service demonstrations
  • Customer testimonials
vReach meets the following challenges:
  • Breaks through the clutter
  • Raises retention levels
  • Targets programs more accurately
  • Delivers an effective and consistent message
The vReach advantages:
  • Educates and informs targeted audiences – in a language they understand
  • Measures and tracks effectiveness
  • Allow you to address more prospects
  • Utilizes expert resources more effectively
Return on Investment:
  • Reduced sales cycle
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Stronger relationships with customers and prospects
  • Reduced time-to-market
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