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Solutions for Conference Organisers
vReach’s webcasting solutions lets you deliver and then track your conferences & events online. vReach webcasts are made more powerful with video and viewer-interactivity features.
  • Reach a wider audience – more delegates
  • Create a new revenue stream - from online attendees
  • Extend the life of your conference
  • Create an online databank of conference and presentations
vReach application areas:
  • Keynote speaker address
  • Conference presentation
  • Post conference follow-ups
vReach meets the following challenges:
  • Creates a new marketable segment - online delegates
  • Extends life of the conference
  • Monitors and tracks delegate attendance
The vReach advantages:
  • Online delegates gets a live conference experience
  • The online conference feed can be monetized
  • The ‘Online Delegate’ saves time and travel & boarding costs
  • Increases reach of your conference manifold…across the globe
  • Creates an online knowledge bank of presentations & events
Return on Investment:
  • Generate more delegates, online; thus more revenues
  • Stronger relationships with delegates and members
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