Human Resources Division - (Training)
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Solutions for Human Resources Division
vReach application areas:
  • HR training
  • Recruitment presentations
  • New employee welcome
  • Corporate policy documentation
  • Orientation Training
  • Office procedures
  • Global travel and customs training
vReach meets the following challenges:
  • Promotes best practice usage
  • Maintains employee productivity while in training
  • Raises productivity of support staff
  • Gets new hires up to speed instantly
  • Train a dispersed workforce rapidly
The advantage of vReach
  • Delivers customized training in rapidly changing business environment
  • Creates knowledge bank of training sessions
  • Distributes targeted training to specific groups
  • Makes use of trainers time efficiently
  • Tracks viewing statistics of trainees
Return on investment
  • Well-trained & efficient employees
  • Reduces training time and cost
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