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Solutions for Exhibition Organisers
How it Works for You
Solutions for Exhibition Organisers
Virtual exhibitions are exhibition-like experiences created on the web. The exhibition might be an extension of a physical exhibition, or a web exhibition itself.
This not only extends the life of the actual exhibition, but also makes the exhibitions globally accessible.
Virtual Exhibition Benefits to you – the Organiser
  • The exhibition is alive throughout the year – serving as a demo and marketing tool for future events
  • It is a great value-add for the exhibitor
  • It gives you another valid reason to charge extra from the exhibitor
  • You can have another category of exhibitors who are only on the web…and not present physically
Virtual Exhibition Benefits - Participants/Exhibitor
  • The exhibitor is visible and accessible to prospective buyers throughout the year
  • The exhibitor can showcase his entire range of products, which might not be possible in an actual exhibition
  • The exhibitor can give product demos – on video
  • The exhibitor gets a list, with contacts of all visitors who visit his Virtual Stall
Virtual Exhibition Benefits - Visitors
  • The visitor can visit the exhibition any time he wants, sitting on his computer, wherever he might be in the globe
  • The visitor saves on travel time and travel cost
How it Works for You
The Online Visitor Experience
Visitor Registration The visitors to the Virtual Exhibition, will first Register online. When the visitor lands on the home page of the exhibition the following click-through icons will be available
  • Exhibition Overview
  • Visitor Registration
  • Exhibitor Directory leading to Exhibitor Stalls
  • Conference Sessions
  • Photo Gallery
  • Organizer Details
  • HelpDesk
Exhibition Directory After Registration they can visit Exhibition Directory - to seek and finally reach an exhibitors' Virtual Stall. The vistor can browse through the Directory which will be organised
  • Alphabetically, and
  • Productwise, or
  • Search for Product or a Exhibitor
  • Sponsors would also feature on this page
After registration the Visitor can also view the Conference Sessions and other features on the page.
Exhibition Stall To the online visitor, the Virtual Stall will be an systematic integration of information, which will be gathered and then organised by the vReach Team. The exhibitors’ page will have their logo, write-up and the following:
  • Videos
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product Literature
  • Images
  • Email to Exhibitor
  • Link to Exhibitors website
  • Online meeting with exhibitor sales person
Additionally the exhibitor can get a list of all visitors who visited their Virtual Stall.
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