Customer Support
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Solutions for Customer Service and Support Division
vReach application areas:
  • Product & Servicing tutorials
  • Customer Service FAQ's
  • Self guided trouble shooting
  • Maintenance bulletin
  • Product reviews
vReach meets the following challenges:
  • Shortens response time of service teams
  • Reduces downtime at customers’ end
  • Promotes best practice usage
  • Reduces time away from support lines
  • Raises productivity of support staff
The advantage of vReach:
  • Creates and delivers rapidly changing proprietary content
  • Embeds knowledge objects into the support system
  • Distributes time-critical information/educational content to specific target groups
  • Promotes training on-demand
  • Monitors and tracks responses
Return on investment:
  • Efficient and effective service response strengthens customer relationships and loyalty
  • Reduces training time and cost
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