Corporate Communications Division
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Solutions for Corporate Communications Division
vReach application areas:
  • Executive briefings
  • Press conferences
  • Board meetings
  • Online advertising
  • Company announcements
  • Corporate newsletter
  • Event Documentation
vReach meets the following challenges:
  • Raises retention levels - hi-impact multi-media format
  • Disseminates news quickly and consistently to targeted groups
  • Promotes uniformity of information
  • Aligns the organization around common goals and initiatives
  • Keeps employees and external audience well-informed and on the same page
The advantage of vReach:
  • Promotes on-demand usage of information
  • Delivers time-critical information, globally at speed
  • Measures and tracks viewer ship
  • Offers a choice of delivery media: Internet, intranet, extranet and CD-ROM.
  • Manages distribution and controls access to sensitive content.
Return on investment:
  • Promotes productivity across the organization
  • Saves cost of travel
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